What is StrengthBuilding?

StrengthBuilding is a method of breaking down any relationship into its component parts.  Once people understand the parts that make up any relationship, they can consciously choose an intention (purpose or design) over which they have control.  This intention, coupled with the mindset of StrengthBuilding™ (the belief that everyone has strengths and the choice to honor those strengths), gives people power and control of their interactions with others. 


StrengthBuilding™ provides a structure for people to create positive, caring relationships that build on each other’s strengths. It requires a shift in mindset from accentuating problems and deficiencies to focusing on strengths. We concentrate on what the individual can accomplish, how strengths can be used in positive ways. Strengths become tools with which the individual can take responsibility for his or her actions and choose to interact in ways that reflect the inner strengths and power that are, indeed, present within each of us. Once people understand how to use StrengthBuilding™ in their interactions, it creates the systemic change that helps individuals, families and whole communities achieve their goals.  


Who is it for?

StrengthBuilding Partners trains and coaches individuals and organizations that work with children.  Children and families are the ultimate recipients of StrengthBuilding.  Services are primarily provided through schools as the most efficient and effective way to reach at-risk children and their families.


What are the results?

StrengthBuilding Partners contracted with a University of Arizona research team to collect data and measure outcomes. Following are results of several school staff groups who have participated in StrengthBuilding Training and Coaching:

  • Understanding and knowledge of a student’s/family’s strengths increased from 17% to 100% after 18 hours of training and coaching (results of one group).  

  • After participating in the StrengthBuilding Training and Coaching, 86% of one group reported that this type of coaching was most helpful to them with regard to job training.  

  • In general, the curriculum seemed to have an impact on how powerful the staff felt about their ability to effect change.  On average, participants moved from feeling “powerful/somewhat powerful” to “very powerful/powerful” with regard to effecting positive change for students, families, their own job and their own school.

  • Using a five-point scale (five being very useful and one being not useful at all), the participants ranked the usefulness of the sessions for their work with students and families as 5.0.

  • On a similar scale, participants ranked the helpfulness of further coaching in StrengthBuilding as 4.97 (very helpful).

  • Forty-four percent of primarily 14-year-olds who participated in four StrengthBuilding sessions indicated that they did not have any strengths at the beginning of the first session.  It should be noted that while 56% reported that they did have strengths, very few were able to articulate what their strengths were.  For those who completed four sessions, 100% could identify their strengths.


In addition to program evaluations and outcomes, StrengthBuilding Partners is developing baseline data and tracking students and families for several years to document systemic changes.  Outcomes to be measured include: academic success, drop-out rates, absenteeism, and reduction in disciplinary referrals.


The systemic changes brought about through StrengthBuilding Training and Coaching contribute to:

  • Increasing graduation rates

  • Increasing attendance rates

  • Decreasing student retention

  • Reducing suspensions and expulsions

  • Increasing academic achievement 

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